Tail Lamp Assy (L/R)

  • Available with 24V P21W, R10W bulb fitment



Head Lamp Assy 7” (178 mm Beam)

  • Available with 12V only
  • Available for LHT only Options : H4 P43T OR R2 P45T bulb fitment



Double Side Marker Lamp Assy

  • Available with R10W bulb fitment
  • Options : Red & Clear lens OR Amber & Red lensOptions : 12V OR 24V



Side Marker Lamp Assy with LED

  • Suitable for LCV / MCV / HCV
  • Available with 12V 3 LEDOptions : 12V OR 24V OR 9 to 30 Volts (Multi Voltage)



Side Marker Lamp Assy

  • Suitable for Trucks, FDVDP, NGC, NGICV
  • Available with W5W bulb fitmentOptions : 12V OR 24V



Front Direction Indicator Lamp Assy (L/R)

  • Available with 12V P21W bulb fitment



Side Indicator Lamp Assy (L/R)

  • Suitable for G 45
  • Available with 12V P21 W Bulb Fitment



Saloon Lamp Assy

  • Suitable for all Bus Model
  • Option : 24VAvailable in Led OnlyEMI/EMC Approved



Interior Lamp Assembly

  • Suitable for Trucks
  • Available with 12V 10 LED



Indicator Lamp Assy (L/R)

  • Available with 12V T4W bulb fitment

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